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Monday, July 23, 2012

Obama apartment

Obama apartment - Searching for an apartment and harboring dreams of becoming president one day? A two-bedroom pre-war apartment on Manhattans far Upper West Side may be the place for you.
The Harlem apartment once occupied by a young Barack Obama is on the rental market once again, though the asking price has increased from $360 in the early 1980s to today’s $2,400 a month.
According to broker Zak Kneider with New York real estate firm CitiHabitats, the apartment is a third-floor walk-up with exposed brick, large windows, and charming details.
“Live Like the President!!!” the online posting for the apartment reads. “Barack Obama’s former apartment is now on the market for rent. Be a part of history and live where the President lived while he attended Columbia University. Who knows, you just might end up in the White House one day.”

The apartment is the exact one where Obama lived while he was attending Columbia in the 1980s, Kneider said, noting that because of that connection, the real estate office and tenant have been “inundated” with more than 50 inquiries about the property since it was posted on Wednesday.
“I think it’ll go very quickly actually,” Kneider said. “The amount of calls is just amazing.”
The apartment will be ready for an August move-in, Kneider said.

President Obama's old New York apartment up for rent, "Live Like the President!!!” reads the ad for President Barack Obama's former apartment in New York's Harlem neighborhood. The pad was rented by Obama while he was studying at Columbia University, and, like much of the housing in New York City, it's both small and expensive.

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