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Monday, July 23, 2012

More than 200 Chihuahuas removed from Pa. home

More than 200 Chihuahuas removed from Pa. home - Nearly 200 chihuahuas have been rescued out of a Pennsylvania home after a large number of tips led authorities to believe that the dogs were being hoarded.

Dog wardens, cooperating with the state Agriculture Department, were able to rescue nearly 200 Chihuahuas who appeared to have been abused. Many of the dogs were in poor health and a number of dead dogs were also found.
"The dogs are being held at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg and will be transferred to shelters Friday," Fox news reported. "They will then be treated by veterinarians and evaluated for adoption."
A more updated report revealed that the two men involved in the case, brothers Albert Ambrosia, 54, and Thomas Ambrosia, 59 have been cited with charges for animal cruelty. The charges are based on two of the dogs found, according, one of which suffered from pressure wounds and a second, which had a severely matted coat.
"Other dogs were noted with skin, eye and ear problems but veterinarians on the scene said they did not appear to rise to the level of cruelty, according to the police document," reported.
Concern has been shed, however, on how local shelters will be able to afford the cost of sheltering nearly 200 additional dogs. Some suggest that new legislation needs to be passed in order to protect not only the dogs, but also support those who take the dogs in for rescue.

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