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Monday, July 16, 2012

bachelorette men tell all

bachelorette men tell all, 'Bachelorette' 2012 Men Tell All: Did Emily make a mistake with Sean? In the “Bachelorette Men Tell All” special tonight, one of the highlights is Sean’s reveal of how much he really loved Emily and he toyed with the idea of trying to convince her tonight that she made a mistake. Emily lets loose on Kalon, the man who called her daughter “baggage” and Ryan gets put in his place by the other men from the “Bachelorette” 2012.

The “Men Tell All” is the venue that reveals the reality behind the scenes of how the men dealt with vying for Emily’s love. Probably the most devastated out of the bunch is Sean. He fell head over heels for Emily and he tells her so tonight. Emily makes sure to let Sean know that everything they experienced together was real and letting him go was extremely hard for her, according to She Knows Reality TV.

Ryan, who was probably the most disliked bachelor in the “Bachelorette” house this season gets raked over the coals by the other men, as they believe he was there for TV exposure and an attempt at fame. Another reveal tonight is a sneak peek at Emily and her two men at the final rose ceremony.
The website calls this season of the "Bachelorette" "relatively tame" and they're right, it has been one of the more mundane seasons. Tonight what the men have to say on "The Men Tell" all might change this outlook a bit as they don't sugar coat their words. When it comes to one bachelor, Emily doesn't sugar coat her words either!

Without a doubt this should be one revealing show as it’s the men’s turn to speak-up about all the things that went on that the viewers were not privy to. After this show tonight, you might be wondering if Emily did in fact make a mistake by letting Sean go. This is a man who is truly in love and Emily still has feelings for him, there’s no disguising that!
Reference: She Knows Reality TV,

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