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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

whale hits boat

whale hits boat, Today in Cape Town, South Africa a photographer manage to take a picture in a huge whale who bumps hits and landed in a private yacht in the said area.
Ralph Mothes and Paloma Werner were in the yacht when the incident happened this day. It is a 40-ton whale breached the surface just off the port side of the boat. This would be a awesome sight, inspiring and a pleasant view but accidentally and unfortunately the said event or that whale could have splash back into the water but it rather landed on the top of the yacht or on to the sailing vessel.

This photo is taken by random photographer in the area and its no photo shop or whatever. Ralph Mothes said in to the Today Show “Suddenly I saw this huge monster shape come up out of the water on my port side…It just happened in an instant. It was quite frightening.” Luckily no one is hurt in this incident but the boat seemed to buckle under a tons of weight of this whale. After reading about this, a thought came to mind: Why couldn’t the boat have been full of the Nisshan Maru’s captain and fishing buddies?

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