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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Famous Beach Bods

Famous beach bods, The paparazzi fly into a frenzy whenever these famed figures take in some sun or go for a dip. Guess which stars these nearly bared bodies — some buff, some not-so buff — belong to.

An Italian fashion icon

This ready-to-wear-fashion giant dons slim black suits in the boardroom but flaunts his 77-year-old figure in skimpy beachwear reminiscent of his famed underwear line.
Bend it like #23

He tones his body on the soccer field and shows it off on magazine covers and ads for his signature underwear line.
A grown-up teen idol

He had teens and tweens swooning as a Disney leading man, but at 24, he’s taking on more serious roles.
The dishy Dutchess

The "Dutchess" of pop music seamlessly transitioned from hip-hop crew member to solo headliner.
A male model takes on Hollywood

Many fans first spotted this model-turned-actor when he appeared in a ‘90s Janet Jackson video.
The hulking Huntsman

This Australian he-man has scored big box office figures playing a famously muscly comic book hero.
A heavenly fashion angel

She became an haute-couture sensation from an early age and gained mainstream success as a lingerie spokes-model.
A "fab by fabulous" designer

This world-renowned fashion designer once rocked the pale grunge look but now shows off a tanned, muscular physique.
A track star in the spotlight

This track & field star and future 2012 Olympian achieved her build through years of training.
A Speedo-approved swimmer

If you were a world-record-holding swimmer with your eye on 2012 Olympic gold, your body would look like this, too.
Messy "Miss World"

She’s a rough-around-the-edges rocker whose ups and downs are under constant tabloid scrutiny.
Rap’s chart-topping diva

This rapper may present multiple personalities in her performances, but they’re all part of the same curvaceous package.
Portugal’s striking striker

This Portuguese soccer star has been steaming up the field for the past decade.
A sizzling SI star

Looking good in a bikini is all in a day’s work for this Israeli swimsuit model.
A fierce femme fatale

She’s been in fighting form ever since her 2000 indie breakthrough performance as a boxer.
A tournament queen

This two-time gold medalist — who’s vying for a third this summer — is most recognizable when she’s wearing beachwear
"D" is for diva

She’s known for her permanent tan, a vampy demeanor and her flashy fashions
Heating up Miami’s beaches

This NBA shooting guard may wear #3 on the court, but his figure is worthy of #1 status.

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