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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Paula Deen loses 30 pounds

Paula Deen loses 30 pounds, Celebrity chef Paula Deen is flaunting a slimmed-down figure on the cover of People. Deen says she lost 30 pounds in six months by changing her diet and walking for 30 minutes each day.

Paula Deen was bashed in the news severely earlier this year when the press found out she was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes three years earlier. Fans and celebrities alike slammed Paula for her cooking style and for not revealing knowledge of the disease earlier. Personally this examiner believes that any illness or disease is personal and there for up to the person what information will be given.

Paula is on the cover of the new People magazine 30 lbs. slimmer. Go Paula. She told People it took her awhile to wrap her mind around the changes she needed in order to benefit fully from a dietary switch. Diets simply don’t work. A person has to change their outlook and change their eating habits in order to change the way they eat.

Paula said she took small steps, and those steps are paying off in a big way. She has stopped making her favorite mashed potatoes replacing them with Greek salads and baked fish. Paula does live near a bounty of seafood and her husband is a fisherman. It’s a perfect way to change up her diet. Congratulations Paula.

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