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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Falling-off-roof marriage proposal

Falling-off-roof marriage proposal, Head over heels Falling for you, The story: One young woman got a shock along with a wedding proposal. She and her boyfriend were on a rooftop deck with a group of friends when he hopped up onto a low wall that bordered the roof and started to propose. At one point, he asked a friend to toss him the ring. He fumbled the catch and, while trying to grab the box, fell off the roof.

The outcome: You'll have to watch for yourself (video). She still said yes. Boyfriend takes the plunge, proposing while falling off a roof? A man proposes to his girlfriend while on a roof top with some friends. He gets up on the ledge and his friend tosses the ring a little to high to be caught and falls off the building. The man lands safely on parachute and his girlfriend runs to the ledge only to see the signs ‘Will You Marry Me?’. This video is fake, all the bottles being held are all from one company and faced towards the camera. Though clever idea, it’s not real and just a company trying to market it’s drink.

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