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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Madonna sterilization

Madonna sterilization,Genetic-material girl: Madonna orders dressing rooms purged of all DNA According to British tabloid Daily Mirror, pop legend Madonna is so paranoid about her genetic material falling into the wrong hands that she orders a "sterilization team" to eliminate all hair, saliva, skin and other DNA-containing detritus from her dressing rooms .
Concert promoter Álvaro Ramos tells the Mirror that Madonna also has fake walls built in her rooms to guard against hidden cameras Madonna is so in-demand that people are desperate get their hands on the singer’s very DNA. At least that’s what she thinks  so she’s started traveling around with a sterilization team to clean up Madonna-flakes after performances on her newest world tour.Paranoid Madonna, 53, has a scrub-team to make sure she leaves no trace of herself behind after she leaves shows. These guys are kind of like CSI guys: “cleaners” that go through Madonna’s room looking for skin flakes, stray hairs, random errant drops of saliva, dried sweat, whatever you can imagine. Additionally, only Madonna herself and her entourage are allowed to be backstage before and during performances, reports Mirror.

Madonna’s MDNA tour arrives in Coimbra City, Portugal, tomorrow. Concert promoter Álvaro Ramos is babysitting the Portuguese stint, and is also notable here for being that guy that says what everyone is thinking, albeit with more moderation than your average Internet commenter. “We have to take extreme care, like I have never seen for any other artist,” he said. “We cannot even look at the dressing room, after it is ready, or even open the door. We can only enter after her sterilisation team has left the room. There will not be any of Madonna’s DNA, any hair, or anything,” adding that her team, “will clean up ­everything. In the end it is all to protect her and make her feel comfortable.”

“I do understand it, but it is taken to extremes,” Ramos concluded.

Ramos also noted that a team comes in with Madonna to construct a dressing room for her from scratch, reports PopCrush. “Her team will build everything for her, including fake ceilings and fake walls, so they can ensure that no one has hidden a camera somewhere,” said Ramos. Apparently this measure guards against hidden cameras, and is also the only pragmatic and reasonable idea presented in this article thus far.

But it all begs the question, and for this, I need your help. What is Madonna afraid of? Are these extreme security measures justified, or is she being a little too paranoid?

Here’s Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild” video while you think it over!

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