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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Madonna sterilization orders dressing rooms purged of all DNA

Madonna sterilization, Genetic-material girl: Madonna orders dressing rooms purged of all DNA, According to British tabloid Daily Mirror, pop legend Madonna is so paranoid about her genetic material falling into the wrong hands that she orders a "sterilization team" to eliminate all hair, saliva, skin and other DNA-containing detritus from her dressing rooms. Concert promoter Álvaro Ramos tells the Mirror that Madonna also has fake walls built in her rooms to guard against hidden cameras.

Madonna's DNA 'paranoia' drives bizarre sterilization demands, Madonna is demonstrating paranoia around the thought that people might try to steal her DNA. It was reported yesterday that Madonna's demonstrating bizarre behaviors with putting safeguards into place so no one can get a hold of her DNA while on tour.

According to Mail Online, her "paranoia" has gotten to the point that after every show Madonna has her dressing room sterilized to make sure none of her DNA lingers behind. The "Material Girl" is worried that her obsessed fans will somehow collect her DNA from something she's left behind.

Alvaro Ramos, a concert promoter dealing with the Portuguese leg of Madonna's tour, said "We have to take extreme care." While he understands that she's taken this to the extreme, her demands of stripping her dressing room clean of any possible DNA from hair, saliva or skin with this sterilizing process is all to make her feel comfortable.

According to My Fox Philly, Madonna has her own personal sterilization team to clean her dressing room after she leaves a tour location. She trusts only her personal team to do this chore.

Madonna has her personal team build her changing room so she can be assured that there are no hidden cameras planted. While the pop diva takes all these precautions backstage, on the stage she thrown all caution to the wind when it comes to modesty lately.

She's flashed her nipple while performing in Israel and her rear-end in Italy, both were purposely done while on this tour. While looking like a free spirit on stage, it appears that behind the scenes she's driven by her "paranoia" when it comes to her obsessed thoughts of people out to steal her DNA.

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