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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

world's largest mcdonald's

world's largest mcdonald's

world's largest mcdonald's, The constantly debated "World's Largest McDonald's" is supposed to be in Orlando, Florida though some say one in Russia may have it beat! This one is over 25,000 square feet with a three story playground, a crescent moon-headed Mac Tonight character playing piano in the corner, over 100 card swipe games to play, and adults can enjoy panini sandwiches, pasta, and fancy desserts.

Dallas, Texas is home to a McDonald's that has built the playground to look like a giant Happy Meal. Now you can be inside of a Happy Meal while having a Happy Meal inside of you. Assuming you are 42 inches or less!
Another hotly contested slot is the World's Smallest McDonald's and this one in Tokyo, Japan measures only 492 square feet. Some research revealed that there actually are many of these small versions around the world, and there is no seating, so does it really count?
160 Broadway, New York City, New York is the address of one of the fanciest McDonald's eateries in the world. Guests say that is it so unlike a fast-food restaurant that it is "disconcerting". You can see the player piano above the door that entertains the diners.
Even that fancy address may fall to the McDonald's across the street from the famous Biltmore Mansion in Asheville, North Carolina.
Gorgeous copper ceilings hold soft lighting that illuminates the player piano, fireplace, marble and brass fittings. Very stylish setting for a Big Mac, right?
The Netherlands is home to this architecturally interesting glass McDonald's with parking beneath the restaurant. Drive-thru service is on the second level, and you use an elevator to go up to dine.
McDonald's tested a diner version of their restaurant in Lafayette, Indiana that offered over 150 menu choices not found at other Micky D's. Unfortunately it has since closed.
Occasionally you run across a McDonald's that seems right out of the 1950's as this one does in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Very old-fashioned except for the Internet wi-fi access, the drive-thru service, and the $1.99 small mocha!
Vinita, Oklahoma's McDonald's had an extension that stretched over the interstate highway and was billed as the World's Largest McDonald's for a while, but OrlandoFlorida has it beaten now. It always was a bit deceiving as that figure included the walkway over the road, an ice cream vendor, and a gift shop. Not to discount the popularity of the restaurant- some high schools actually held their proms in the place!
Last but certainly not least in the uniqueness category would be the McDonald's in Pitea, Sweden which actually lies in the Arctic Circle. Yes. it's true. they have a snowmobile drive-thru!
We started our day off at the world's largest McDonald's  for breakfast. I'm a sucker for anything that starts with the words "world's largest" in front of it, so this was a must see on our journey through Florida. The place doesn't really look that big from the outside, but the inside is quite impressive, full of strange themed areas, a huge arcade, a singing Mac Tonight, a painted jungle, a 50's section complete with jukebox and celebrity photos...oh, and food too! They have a special bistro menu on top of the regular McD's fare, so I took advantage and ordered a Belgian waffle with strawberries . It was a fun experience, and certainly any other McDonald's I visit in the future will pale in comparison. After loading up on carbs and caffeine, we decided to push ahead and make the 256 mile drive all the way to Tallahassee today. This puts us two days ahead of our itinerary and gives us some wiggle room to do some extra exploring during the drive to New Orleans. We arrived in Tallahassee at 3pm and drove straight to the downtown area
World's Largest McDonald's
Orlando, Floridato check out the capital building and neighboring area. The Old Capitol, which has not been used by state employees since 1978, has since been restored to its original 1902 appearance and is now a museum. We didn't tour the inside, but did wander the grounds and take some pictures of the outside and some nearby buildings. After wandering around a bit, we drove down the main street  and found a cheap Motel 6  to stay at for the night.

We also noticed a Cracker Barrel restaurant down the street and decided to eat there for dinner. I had the chicken tenderloin dinner (sooo much food!), and after stuffing our faces, we left the place happy and about 5 lbs. heavier I think. After dinner we headed out in search of a post office and accidentally stumbled across the governor's mansion, so we stopped to walk around the park area outside and take a few pictures before driving back to our motel.

Tomorrow we have no set plans aside from heading west on the 1-10. Not knowing our destination is half the fun!

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