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Monday, May 7, 2012

Highest paid athlete 200 countries

Highest paid athlete 200 countries

Highest paid athlete 200 countries - Highest-paid athletes from 200 countries named, A list of the best-paid athletes from 200 nations, compiled by ESPN, shows a huge financial divide. While one athlete made $40 million, another made only $4,000.Sport can be a hugely lucrative profession for those at the top of their game, and big money can be earned regardless of where athletes come from.

At least, that’s what I took away from a new study based on the salaries and/or prize money won in 2011 by sportsmen and sportswomen the world over. This ESPN list isn’t about the straight richest athletes anywhere in the world, but details the best-paid athletes in 200 different countries.
The full table makes for interesting reading. Boxer Floyd Mayweather comes top in the U.S., with 2011 earnings of $40,000,000. Yet he isn’t the best-paid athlete about. In fact, Mayweather is topped by his staunch rival, Manny Pacquiao of the Phillipines. It’s worth noting that Mayweather’s $40 million came from just one bout, while Pacquiao fought twice in 2011. Nevertheless, the relative economic poverty seen in the Phillipines hasn’t kept Pacquiao from making some serious bucks.

Likewise, a number of African nations with poorer economies have produced soccer players earning many millions of dollars.

Indeed, the size of a country often seems to influence the earnings of each country’s top earners (which would certainly make sense, the chances of producing a top-earner reduced by smaller populations). At the bottom of the list, Bhutan’s soccer star Chencho and Tuvalu’s Alopua Petoa (also a soccer player) earned just $4,000 apiece in 2011. Bhutan and Tuvalu have populations of just 700,000 and 10,000 respectively; not the very smallest nations about, but pretty tiny.

Pakistan’s tennis ace Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi is the country’s highest-paid athlete according to a report published by ESPN.
The report lists the best-paid athletes from 200 countries and bases its figures on salary and prize money from 2011, excluding any other form of compensation.

Qureshi is the highest earner amongst Pakistani athletes with salary and winnings amounting to $434, 430 in 2011.

Ranked number 14 in the ATP doubles rankings, Qureshi is the only Pakistani tennis player to have played in a Grand Slam final. He is also known for starting the “Stop War Start Tennis” campaign with his former doubles partner Rohan Bopanna.

Other athletes who feature on the list include boxers Floyd Mayweather from the USA and David Haye from England, cricketer Ravindra Jedeja and tennis player Sania Mirza from India among others.
Here are some highlights:

United States: This boxer made $40 million last year.

This soccer player from this war-torn nation made only $80,000.

China: This tennis player raked in $3.7 million.

England: This boxer earned $24 million.

This basketball player from this earthquake-ravaged country earned $7 million playing in the NBA.

Iran: This NBA pro took in $1.3 million last year.

Liechtenstein: This athlete made $130,000 from this type of skiing.

South Korea: This MLB outfielder raked in $4.9 million

Alopua Petoa, a soccer player from this island nation, made only $4,000.

Vietnam: This MMA fighter took in $420,000.

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