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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ali Lohan thin

Ali Lohan thin

Ali Lohan thin, Aliana Lohan's rail-thin frame  has made headlines before, but a recent photo of her stepping out for a juice drink has renewed worries that her weight is unhealthy . Lohan, 18, is the younger sister of Lindsay Lohan, and works as a fashion model and singer , though her tiny body appears thin even by model standards.Despite the shocking transformation of her young face, Ali Lohan is adamantly denying that she’s had plastic surgery.

Lindsay Lohan’s 17-year-old little sis, who is signed with NEXT Model Management, slammed the idea that she’s gone under the knife, despite pictures that show off her shockingly skinny and seemingly altered frame and face.

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“It's stupid,” Aliana (as she wants to be called) said. “I don't listen to it. It's absolutely not true.”

Gracing the cover of the New York Post’s Page Six magazine she said she thought it was funny that people said she’s had surgery.

PHOTOS: Ali Lohan Is Looking Scary Skinny

“I was cracking up. Because, like, when would I do that? I'm 17 years old.”

As previously reported, plastic surgeon, Dr. Gary Alter, who has not treated Ali, says that she looks like she’s had Botox treatments.

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“It’s obvious to me that her eyebrows are higher than they were before,” Dr. Alter said. “There doesn’t appear to be much movement on her forehead, and she looks like she has had Botox.

“Botox can actually raise eyebrows and get some of the wrinkles out.”

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However, Ali insisted that her mother Dina would never have let her get surgery. “That's not legal! I would need my mother's signature, and do you think my mom would ever sign off on that? No!'”

Lindsay’s sister said that she looks up to her legally challenged older sibling, but won’t be making her same mistakes.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan Looks A Mess On The Red Carpet

“I'm lucky enough that I had my sister to learn from. I’ve seen people do it to her, so I've learned to be like, ‘That's stupid, no.’”
Lindsay Lohan’s little sister Ali, is a brunette beauty with a blossoming modeling career but in these shocking new photos obtained by the teenager’s gaunt face is causing alarm in her family.

Ali, 17, was snapped in Beverly Hills on Tuesday and her thin frame is a stark contrast to the healthy looking girl she was just five months ago, when photographed in March.

PHOTOS: Ali Lohan Is Looking Scary Skinny

“It’s scary to see my daughter looking like this,” her father Michael Lohan exclusively told “Ali was always on the thin side but seeing how much weight she’s lost there appears to be a drastic change that concerns me.”

As previously reported, Ali has just signed a contract to model with the famous agency NEXT Model Management.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan And Sister Ali Shop In Venice

“In fashion, Ali will set herself apart as a bona fide icon. One that fashion fans will follow not because of her famous last name, but because of the beautiful images and fashion trends she is helping create,” Alexis Borges, Director, NEXT LA said.

Ali has been living with Lindsay this summer, attending concerts, weddings and dinners out, but her father says that he is concerned about his youngest daughter.
Lindsay Lohan has had so much trouble throughout her life with drugs, alcohol and asocial behavior which everyone in the world knew about that I really hoped her younger sister Ali wouldn’t follow in her footsteps. She hasn’t yet, but there is one thing that the two sisters tend to have in common – predisposition to anorexia. Ali Lohan is now scary thin and it is all for fashion.We all remember those days when Lindsay was stick thin. There was nothing actually attractive about her then. Now it’s Ali Lohan who believes she has excess weight. She has recently signed a contract with the famous agency NEXT Model Management and was probably asked to shed ‘extra’ pounds ,though there were no ‘extras’ at all.

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