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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mary Winkler Multiple Sclerosis

Mary Winkler Multiple Sclerosis - A movie chronicling the marriage of a Tennessee woman accused of killing her preacher husband in 2006 is scheduled to air on Lifetime this weekend. “The Pastor’s Wife” is based off the true life story of the marriage of Mary and Matthew Winkler of Selmer, Tennessee.

Actress Rose McGowan plays Mary Winkler, who admitted to killing her pastor husband and later testified that she was a victim of spousal abuse.

On Wednesday, Nashville’s News 2 spoke with McGowan who said she’s never met Mary Winkler or even talked to her when she was preparing for the role.

“[A meeting] can go really well or negatively and I think they weren’t willing to risk it going negatively,” McGowan explained, adding, “It’s strange to play somebody alive but I can only imagine it’s stranger for her to be portrayed.”

Despite never speaking with Winkler, McGowan said she was familiar with the small town manslaughter case that made national headlines in 2006.

“Ironically, I remember her being in People magazine and the coverage on CNN at the time and that she and her daughters were missing and the husband died,” she recalled.

Mary Winkler served a total of seven months in jail before she was released.

Attorney Leslie Ballin told Nashville’s News 2 his client is raising her three children along with her late husband’s parents

“[The situation], it’s as good as can be expected,” Ballin said.

He told Nashville’s News 2 Mary Winkler is attending nursing school while battling multiple sclerosis.

“She has days where she does better than others which is understandable and does the best she can,” Ballin said.

“The Pastor’s Wife” airs on Lifetime Saturday at 7 p.m.

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