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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Michael Jackson Nephew Guardian

Michael Jackson Nephew Guardian - Jackson family feud: Michael’s nephew TJ appointed temporary guardian for singer's children, A judge has today appointed Michael Jackson's nephew TJ as a temporary guardian for the late singer's children Prince, Paris and Blanket.

The judge also temporarily suspended Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson, as theirs guardian because she has been in Arizona for the past week.

TJ, son of Michael’s brother Tito, appeared in court in Los Angeles and sought the temporary appointment, but his lawyer said he was not trying to replace Mrs Jackson permanently.

It comes amid a bitter Jackson family feud over the King of Pop's will and £638million fortune. It’s claimed that some of the family believe it’s a forgery – and they should be entitled to a slice of it.

TJ Jackson said he spoke to Mrs Jackson yesterday, but she sounded strange.

He said she was using words he had never heard her use, and her voice at times sounded slurred. His appointment came after days of family turmoil, with a relative reporting Mrs Jackson missing before she was located safely with other family members in Arizona.

Mrs Jackson has been the court-appointed guardian of the Thriller singer’s three kids since his death in June 2009, aged 50.

The house where the children are staying was the scene of a family disturbance on Monday that police are investigating.

The 82-year-old, who has high blood pressure, had gone more than a week without speaking to her grandchildren.

Tonight reports claimed Mrs Jackson had been in touch with her grandchildren after her attorney Perry Sanders Jr flew to Arizona and explained they were worried.

He said she was staying in a room with no phone or internet and was unaware of the chaos.

It’s thought she is now planning to go back to Los Angeles.

Michael's brother Randy, 56, told US TV that she is relaxing with his sister Rebbie and granddaughter Stacey on doctor’s orders.

Randy also said he wants to challenge Michael’s estate for allegedly falsifying his will.

He claims the singer was in New York not LA when the will was supposedly signed.

He said: “It proves the will is fake.”

Earlier today we reported that police were called to break up a fight this week between security staff and family members who had turned up at the children’s home.

Jermaine and Janet were pictured arguing outside the property. A YouTube clips seems to show Janet slapping Paris' mobile phone out of her hands.

Police were called to break up a fight between security staff and family members who had turned up at the children’s home.

According to reports, Jacko’s son Prince Michael, 15, was responsible for ordering guards to fend off his uncles, Jermaine and Randy, and aunt, Janet.

14 year-old Paris has been using her phone to make a series of tweets since she believed her grandmother Katherine 'went missing' ten days ago.

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