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Monday, July 2, 2012

McDonalds Reddit

McDonalds Reddit, A McDonald's employee recently hosted an IAmA questionaire on Reddit (basically an "ask me anything") about his experience working for the chain. If you're expecting him to rip apart the company, think again -- user GamesMisconduct63 actually likes his job a lot, crediting the great employees that he works with. But he was still able to share a lot of interesting tidbits about the biggest restaurant chain in the country.

At the job, GameMisconduct63 has gotten ice cream thrown at him, cursed at and been told that someone would kill him. Someone has also attempted to pay in board game money.

While he can only speak for his location in Ohio, he sets the record straight about tampering with food. "Contrary to popular belief, NOBODY (at our location, at least) would ever, ever mess with the food that is going to a customer. That's like the biggest [expletive] move ever." If burgers are already made, this particular franchise lets burgers sit in the steamer for 10 minutes maximum. He claims it takes about an hour before the burgers lose their "structural integrity." His McDonald's (one of the top 500 in America) also has someone clean the tables in the lobby every 10 minutes as well as the floors if needed.

The worst items to prepare? Happy Meals. The employees need to know the type, the drink, fries or apple dippers, sauce if nuggets and the correct toy for a boy or girl. After that, oatmeal and iced coffee are the most time consuming.

GamesMisconduct63 is certainly a happy worker despite what he puts up with:

The management and my fellow workers are what has made it an amazing experience, and has made me look forward to going to work nearly every day. Every day is a new experience, always full of funny stories, controversies, etc. Wouldn't trade it for anything.Reddit’s IAmA posts get a very broad roster of participants, many of whom are either celebrities or just average dudes with somewhat interesting jobs or circumstances — but a Reddit IAmA by a McDonald’s worker this week is one that drew a bit of attention.I suppose that due to its extreme ubiquity in the US and worldwide, everyone kind of wants to know what goes on behind the scenes in McDonald’s — and what better place to learn than from a Reddit thread? IAmA threads and AMA threads are known for their no-holds-barred format, and those starting the threads are known to speak candidly, and generally off-message — and the Reddit McDonald’s IAmA was no exception.

McDonald’s PR was probably a bit brassed off — and the well-trafficked thread makes many mentioned of shift “parties,” as well as workers dealing weed from McDonald’s locations, which is insinuated somewhat to be common practice.

However, McDonald’s did get some decent PR out of the situation — the now deleted OP dismissed the idea of any McDonald’s worker adulterating food, saying that “…contrary to popular belief, NOBODY (at our location, at least) would ever, ever mess with the food that is going to a customer.”He also dropped some cleanliness knowledge on fellow Redditors, explaining that the joint is cleaned every ten minutes while it is open.

McDonald’s has since addressed the popular IAmA, saying:

“While this crew member is not a spokesperson for McDonald’s, as with any job, I think we can all agree there are ups and downs, good days and bad. We believe these posts reflect that.”

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