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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dennis Rodman Wrestling

Dennis Rodman Wrestling - AFTER completely ignoring his father for 42 years, NBA legend Dennis Rodman finally softened up and reconciled with Philander Rodman Jr. during his recent visit to Manila.

A military man, Philander is now based in Olongapo City with his Filipino wife and their children, who are all grown up. Phil was stationed at Clark Air Base before he moved to Olongapo with his family.

The first time Dennis came to Manila in 2006 to play an exhibition game, Phil tried to reach out to him. He was then still residing in Clark. Dennis snubbed Phil.

Apparently, Dennis had not forgiven his father for abandoning him and his mother decades ago when he was still a small boy.

I suppose it was AKTV, television coveror of the NBA Legends All-Star challenge, that came up with the idea to invite Philander to watch the game at Mall of Asia.

I suppose it was also their plan to reunite the father and son.

“At first Phil Jr. was hesitant to travel all the way to Manila again and attempt to meet his son. He already made an attempt six years ago when The Worm was here,” related AKTV’s Paul Mata.

“But News 5 assured Phil that Dennis agreed to meet him. Actually it was the News 5 team who brought Phil to Manila. Mall of Asia Arena set aside tickets for the elder Rodman when it learned that he was coming.”

Phil was filled with anxiety as he waited for Dennis to come out of the dugout. Even as he chatted with US Ambassador Harry Thomas, the elder Rodman’s mind was on Dennis.
Finally, Dennis came out of the locker room. He attended to his Filipino fans first, obliging them with autographs and photographs. “Dennis then acknowledged his father by tapping his chest. They shook and held hands while exchanging greetings. Phil’s anxious and worried face was replaced by a big smile,” Paul said. “Phil gave his contact number to the assistant of Dennis. Dennis was then whisked away by his close-in security.”

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