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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Raymond Carl Knudson

Raymond Carl Knudson, Man robs bank, drives to police station and confesses, Portland, Ore., resident Raymond Carl Knudson was apparently so inspired by a film about the cause of the 2007 global economic crisis that he decided to rob a bank. The same motivation that moved him to stick up the bank, however, failed to convince him that the cash was worth keeping, and he immediately drove to the police station after the robbery and confessed to the crime.

Raymond Carl Knudson Robbed A Bank And Then Drove To Police Station To Confess, A suburban Portland man says he was so moved by a documentary exploring the cause of the Great Recession that he decided to rob a bank.

But apparently the film didn't make enough of an impression for the 50-year-old Gresham man to keep the loot.

The Oregonian reports that Raymond Carl Knudson pleaded guilty Monday to sticking up a Bank of America branch in April, a crime he confessed within minutes of committing.

According to court documents, Knudson entered the bank and handed over a robbery note. Then he drove to the Gresham Police Department carrying all $425 of the loot and confessed.

He told investigators he felt compelled to rob the bank after watching "Inside Job," the Academy Award-winning documentary that explores causes of the 2008 global financial meltdown.

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