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Monday, June 18, 2012

Lil Kim surgery

Lil Kim surgery, ` Rapper Lil Kim's new look is 'plastic surgery gone bad,' says doctor Rapper Lil Kim took the stage at the LA Pride festival in Los Angeles and appeared to have had some major cosmetic surgery performed  Unfortunately for the pint-sized artist, observers of all stripes have panned her surgery as being botched, including one doctor I’m hands down to the King of Pop, but seeing someone who used to be pretty like Lil Kim turning into a little plastic ugly doll means there’s something terrible going on with her,

 or with her plastic surgeon. Lil Kim’s plastic surgery is astounding, including the skin lightening that she went through. The mere number and degree alone should make anyone scared.

During the earlier years she started doing plastic surgery, the changes were still a bit subtle, but she seemed to have enjoyed it too much that she had gone to far. Now she is looking worse than ever, and the worst part is that it doesn’t look like she’s even aware of it.

A warning to all those who are planning to have a plastic surgery, it’s worth repeating over and over again that it’s important to find a board certified plastic surgeon. A plastic surgery in Manhattan will ensure of such surgeons, but if you’re planning to have the procedure somewhere else, make sure that you inquire about the surgeon’s past cases and make sure if those are successful.Lil Kim‘s nose has been rumored as the result of a plastic surgery, specifically nose job. It is merely possible since she is a number one fan of the plastic surgeons and she always take advantage of all the procedures and applied them to her face. Now, look at her, does she looks presentable? I guess no one would ever dare say yes to my question.

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