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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

bethenny frankel reveals sex secrets

bethenny frankel reveals sex secrets, Bethenny Frankel got candid revealing some of her own bed secrets on the premiere of her new talk show "Bethenny" on Monday in Fox.

Bethenny had a revealing question and answer session about sex with Dr. Raj on the premiere show where they discussed breaking your penis, the female orgasm and how much is too much when it comes to "alone time."

Frankel's husband Jason Hoppy who was in the audience, also joined the discussion.

Hoppy asked why he wants to pass out after having sex.

"After we have sex, I wanna pass out. I wanna fall asleep. She wants to talk. She wants to organize, she wants to show me 'Do these jeans fit? Why is that?" he asked.

Frankel offered some advice to her beau.

"Men pass out. Women get wound up — that's why I don’t like it at night, because I gotta sleep," Frenkel said. "Have sex in the morning," Frankel said.

When a woman in the audience asked if there was such thing as pleasuring yourself too much, Frenkel immediately interrupted Dr. Raj to say:

"Hell, no," she said.

The TV show also featured Vanessa Williams and her mother.

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