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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Australia fight samurai sword chainsaw

Australia fight samurai sword chainsaw

Australia fight samurai sword chainsaw, Angry neighbors duel with chainsaw and samurai sword, A fight between neighbors in Australia ended in serious injuries all around after the combatants reportedly armed themselves with a samurai sword and a chainsaw . According to reports, one neighbor lost a finger to the samurai sword and the other nearly lost his arm to the chainsaw A disagreement between two next-door neighbours in the south-west Sydney suburb of Minto over noise escalated into a unbelievable bloody battle. One man’s finger was hacked off with a samurai sword and the other’s arm was nearly severed with a chainsaw.

While Mark Jorgensen and Troy Thorton’s families had been feuding for some time, this particular brawl began with a simple noise complaint. One that Jorgensen made with sword in hand. So Thorton, allegedly unarmed when his nemesis approached, reached for his trusty chainsaw to defend his homefront.

Now Thorton is down a digit, and Jorgensen will likely lose an arm. It’s unfortunate and also borderline deranged. But it raises an important question: would you rather fight your neighbour with a sword or a chainsaw?
Loud music and erratic driving in an Australian neighborhood lead a couple men to break out the big guns...or rather a chainsaw and Samurai sword.Mark Jorgensen, 29, might lose his arm after his neighbor Troy Thornton, 26, almost severed it with a chainsaw. Jorgensen retaliated by chopping off Thornton's finger with a samurai sword. According to the Daily Mail, the authorities are investigating the claims that Tuesday evening Thornton went to Jorgensen's home with a chainsaw after an argument over loud music and "reckless driving."The Sydney Herald reports that Thornton was in town to attend his sister's partner's funeral. At around 5:30 yesterday Jorgensen complained that the Thornton house was playing music too loudly.The Thornton's told the Sydney Miami Herald that someone from the Jorgensen house drove at them in a threatening manner. Police were called after the incident who told the two families to go back to their homes.

At approximately 9:20 p.m. the neighbors began to bicker again, which is when Thornton took out the chainsaw.

"Basically we ended up all in a brawl," said Troy Thornton's sister, Nicole Thornton, after he claimed someone from Jorgensen's home tried to break in. "The guys from next door. By then there was 20 of them with bats, swords and poles."

According to Nicole Thornton, her brother only reached for the chainsaw when his mother and sisters began fighting the neighbors.

Police are currently investigating the blooding conflict, but according to Nicole Thornton, her brother was attacked with the samurai sword before the chainsaw was even brought in as a weapon.

Detective Chief Inspector Mark Brett said that the situation was "horrific."

"A chainsaw is a serious weapon which inflicts pretty brutal injuries," said Brett, who continued to say that "it is too early to say who'll be charged."

Doctors were attempting to reattach Jorgesen's severed arm. It has not been confirmed if the reattachment was successful.An 11-year-old girl was on the school bus that ran over and killed her mother, and narrowly missed her baby sister, in Sydney's north.

The 38-year-old woman was killed when she was struck at the intersection of Hannah and Beecroft Roads in Beecroft shortly after 3pm yesterday (5pm, NZ time).

She was carrying her 11-month-old baby girl, who was hurled out of her arms but miraculously escaped injury.

The woman died at scene, police said in a statement early today.

The bus was full of students from Beecroft Primary School returning from an excursion, among them was the woman's older daughter.

"The 11-year-old daughter of the deceased lady, the mother, was on the bus with other school children," police duty officer Darren Jameson told Macquarie Radio on Thursday.

"Fortunately, she didn't see the incident but she was on the bus.

"It's a tragic day, not only for the family but for the witnesses and the bystanders."

Police have interviewed the 69-year-old bus driver, who was taken to hospital for mandatory blood and urine tests.

The students are undergoing counselling.

The bus has been seized for forensic examinations.

Crash investigators have renewed their appeal for witnesses to come forward.

Another man, Troy Thornton, 26, lost a finger in the dispute. His sister, Nicole Thornton, claimed he was attacked with a samurai sword.
Mr Thornton, a father of two, lives in Queensland but was in Sydney to attend the funeral of his sister's partner, Peter Reinhardt, who drowned when his boat overturned on the Nepean River in March.
As Ms Thornton kept a waterside vigil with her newborn baby, the couple's Londonderry home was robbed. Thieves took jewellery, cash and a gun.The Thorntons' mother, Wendy Halls, said it had been a traumatic few months for the family.
The problems began just after 5.30pm yesterday when the Jorgensen household complained about Ms Halls playing loud music.
The Thorntons claim that someone from the Jorgensen household then drove in a dangerous and threatening manner towards them.
Police were called and the two families were told to return to their homes.
But tensions escalated again just before 9.20pm, resulting in the chainsaw being produced.
Ms Thornton claimed members of the Jorgensen household tried to invade their family's home.
"Basically we ended up all in a brawl," she said. "The guys from next door. By then there was 20 of them with bats, swords and poles.
"It was me, my mum and my sister taking on guys, so my brother has gone and got the chainsaw."
Ms Thornton said her brother was attacked with the sword before he got involved in a wrestle with the chainsaw. She denied he went after anyone with it.

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