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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

One Direction koala chlamydia

One Direction koala chlamydia

One Direction koala chlamydia, Koalas are cute, cuddly, and, apparently, chlamydia-infected  At least that's the fear that boy band One Direction members Liam Payne  and Harry Styles have after an unfortunate encounter with a koala named Kat Having a koala urinate on you isn't pleasant... especially if it puts you at risk of getting chlamydia. That's the fear recently faced by Liam Payne and Harry Styles, members of the popular boy band One Direction.
The band is currently touring Australia and New Zealand and, as part of their visit, Payne and Styles each cuddled with a 3-year-old koala named Kat.

But during the encounter, Kat answered nature's call and whizzed right on them.
That was bad enough, but the two teen idols, both 18, worried they saw their lives flashing before their eyes when they learned that 80 percent of koalas reportedly have chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease whose effects include severe conjunctivitis , incontinence, prostatitis and kidney damage.
With all the female attention One Direction have been getting, it’s no wonder they’d be concerned and careful about STDs. But no one expected they’d be at risk from getting an infection from someone named Kat … especially when Kat is a koala. Say what?!
The Huffington Post reports that during the band’s recent trip to Australia, Harry Styles and Liam Payne held an adorable koala named Kat. Kat apparently was a hardcore Directioner herself and got so excited to see the ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ singers that she, well, relieved herself on Payne and Styles. Under most circumstances, one would just wash everything off and move on, but koalas bring with them a different risk: chlamydia.
About 80 percent of koalas have the disease, with its symptoms including severe pink eye, incontinence (which may explain poor lil’ Kat’s accident), kidney damage and psoriasis. Not all koalas exhibit the symptoms of the infection, but it’s leading many female koalas to be infertile, which could potentially lead to extinction of what may be the cutest creatures on the planet. Nooo!
While koala-to-human transmission of the illness is rare, it’s still possible — and the boys are reportedly pretty spooked about it.
“I’m genuinely scared. This is worrying,” Payne said. “I’d have never picked the thing up if I’d known.”
Here’s hoping they don’t have to say the same thing about girls on the road!
There are two koala facts that you need to know before meeting one. Firstly, please don't call it a koala bear because it's a marsupial you fu*king idiot; and secondly, that adorable ball of fluff is probably rife with Chlamydia.

Koala Chlamydia is an epidemic for the eucalyptus-abusing native creatures with an estimated 80% of the animals infected with the STI - an epidemic that has terrified two members of British boy band One Direction after a koala urinated on them during their recent Australian visit. The Huffington Post reports that 1D members, Liam Payne and Harry Styles, cuddled with a 3-year-old koala named Kat who "whizzed right on them".

"I'm genuinely scared. This is worrying," Liam told the Sun. "I’d have never picked the thing up if I'd known." Sure Liam. Blame the koalas.

In other news, One Direction's "hot one", Harry, has reportedly been put under a "sex ban" for the rest of the tour. This isn't going to bode well with the group's fans who  we caught up with last week to find out how they think Teen Idols of yore compare to One Direction. Here's what happened...

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