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Monday, April 30, 2012

kathy bates and two and a half men

kathy bates and two and a half men

kathy bates and two and a half men, We weren't kidding about that Kathy Bates thing.
On this Monday's new episode of Two and a Half Men , Alan will suffer a mild heart attack and, as a result, be visited by a vision of late roommate Charlie Harper... who will be played by the Harry's Law star and former Oscar winner.
Inspired casting? Odd casting? Desperate-for-ratings casting? All of the above? Get your first look at Bates in this unusual role now:

No, it's not April Fool's Day. I feel like it's important to stress that fact right away because of the severe oddness of this story. Charlie Sheen's character is coming back to Two and a Half Men, only Sheen himself won't be back. Instead, Kathy Bates will take on the role.

In the April 30 episode of Two and a Half Men, Alan (Jon Cryer) will have a heart attack and he will have a ghostly vision of his brother, only he'll be played by Bates.

This is supremely strange and confusing for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that Sheen and Bates aren't the same gender. It's also weird because Bates is currently starring on Harry's Law, a TV show on a rival network.

As someone who never watches Two and a Half Men, I'm mildly interested to see how on Earth they'll do this. On the other hand, I'm aware that this is the kind of big stunt the producers are doing for the sole purpose of attracting people like me who don't regularly watch.

Two and a Half Men is one of the few CBS shows not yet renewed for a new season, due largely to ongoing contract negotiations with star Ashton Kutcher.

The Kathy-Bates-as-Charlie-Harper episode of Two and a Half Men airs Monday, April 30 at 9pm on CBS.
Two and a Half Men will have a special guest star, in Charlie Sheen! Only it's not Charlie Sheen, it's…Kathy Bates?!
The actress will appear on the show as the ghost of Charlie Sheen Harper when Alan goes to the hospital for a minor heart attack.
This sounds like a bet where somebody was mad and said, "Anybody can be Charlie Sheen, even Kathy Bates!"
And now, Kathy Bates is Charlie Sheen. Who would've thought that would happen?!
The episode is set to air April 30 so we have a whole month to figure out how this is going to work out!
CBS' Two and a Half Men has found a way to bring Charlie Sheen's character back to the series.

CBS Renews 15 Series; in 'Preliminary' Talks for 'Two and a Half Men'

PaleyFest: 'Two and a Half Men' Producers Address Season 10 Chances, Ashton Kutcher's Return

TCA: Chuck Lorre on the Future of 'Two and a Half Men,' Doing 'Poop' Jokes

Charlie Sheen Fired From 'Two and a Half Men'
The network said Monday that Harry's Law star Kathy Bates will guest star in the April 30 episode as the ghost of Sheen's Charlie Harper.
During the episode, Jon Cryer's Alan suffers a minor heart attack, and the ghost of Charlie Harper will play a visit to his hospital bedside.
Sheen's alter ego was famously killed off in the season premiere after the actor was fired from the top-rated series after blasting creator Chuck Lorre.
Ashton Kutcher replaced Sheen, joining the show as billionaire Walden Schmidt. Kutcher's contract expires at the end of the season, and the network in talks about the future of Two and a Half Men, with contractual discussions likely delaying the expected renewal.
The Lorre comedy has grown both in ratings and buzz in the wake of Sheen's departure. Now in its ninth season, Men has lured nearly 14 million viewers and a hugely impressive 4.7 demo rating on Monday nights with Kutcher as the show’s lead.
Kutcher has not yet inked a deal to remain with the series, but he assured PaleyFest attendees this week that he “wants to work with these guys” and was waiting to hear from “the powers that be.”
For her part, Bates has a history of guest starring in comedy series. The actress -- repped by ICM, the Susan Smith Co. and Greenberg Glusker -- most recently recurred on NBC's The Office.

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